Richard Ferfon

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About Richard Ferfon

Richard holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin in the area of finance, accounting, math and architecture.

Richard brings with him over forty years of experience in the Engineering, Construction and Procurement Industry as a Financial Controller, CFO, Commercial Services Manager and Program Manager with strong strategic and operational skills in managing complex financial operations for corporate as well as domestic and international projects spanning businesses in government, refinery and chemical, mining and metals, and infrastructure projects. This background includes many core competencies including Contract Review & Negotiations, Cost Control & Trending, Estimating and Rate Development, Team Building and Leadership, Change Control, Interpersonal Skill, Cost and Benefit Analysis, Problem Solving and Strong Communication Skills. All of the above core competencies directly or indirectly relate to the Real Estate Industry and bring significant value to our clients. Working in both domestic and international markets and locations with very diverse personnel and clients brings added value as we service our clients in Houston who are likewise very diverse. There is nothing more reassuring to clients than consultants that understand their various cultures and geographical locations. Utilizing my skill set, level of ethics, result orientated manner, trust and good working relationships, together with The Reyna Group, a premier management team and group of real estate professionals; I believe we can maximize the results that our clients deserve and expect. I have lived and worked in the Houston Metro/Suburban areas for over 35 years, except for some recurrent international and other domestic assignments. As such I am very familiar with the Houston Metro Suburban areas which can be very useful for clients in their search for one of the major investments of their lifetime.


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