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Here at The Reyna Group, our clients are not necessarily looking to just buy and selling existing homes — we’re also a Shady Acres new construction Realtor that works with buyers, builders, developers and investors to ensure everyone’s goals are met.

Shady Acres is a high-demand real estate market in general. It truly provides the best of both worlds — prevalent outdoor activities and destinations while the modern conveniences of Houston and Houston Heights are right around the corner.

As an evolving community, there are plenty of new home construction projects, and a member of The Reyna Group will prove to be a worthy asset as your Shady Acres Realtor in new construction.

Tap into our network to gain access to premium properties

The Reyna Group boasts a strong network of buyers, sellers, investors, builders and more, which means we can often get you access to properties that other real estate firms cannot. This access gives you the upper hand when it comes to finding the perfect home in Shady Acres.

Whether you’re looking into building a home in Shady Acres, or want the keys to one of the many brand new, premium homes, we can help. From finding the right lot for new construction in Shady Acres to giving you access to newly completed projects, we’re ready to work for you.

Developers trust The Reyna Group as their Shady Acres new construction Realtor

As a Shady Acres Realtor in new construction, we help builders and developers in every phrase of the project, including:

  • Targeting the right areas and neighborhoods
  • Providing ongoing market updates
  • Marketing your project
  • Having a sales staff aggressively shop it around to vetted buyers
  • And more

We let builders and developers do what they do best, and we do what we do best! If new construction is involved in your real estate goals, then we invite you to experience the benefits of working with The Reyna Group as your Shady Acres new construction realtor.

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